Smart document organization that suits your needs




Regall is created to achieve only one outcome:

Seamless Efficiency


Running silently in the background, Regall is a smart file management system that suits your needs regardless of your industry. Modern deals and businesses have become increasingly document heavy. Regall  eases your burden by keeping an eye on your documents, their references with each other, and any missing documents. It is customizable to suit your needs  and is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. 



Regall automatically scans through every file and tags them according to their date, parties involved, type of documents, and name of documents.

Regall scans through each file and takes note of all express and implied references to other documents.  An interactive mind-map is then generated for quick visualization. 

Regall also learns from  user habits and draws inferences between the different files that you interact with so as to personalise itself to your convenience.


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