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Leave the menial work to us, so you can focus on real value

Services for law firms

Regall can speed up the data-room population process by highlighting what documents are missing. Using a plug-and-play method, the required documents around a deal can be easily extracted from the client's servers. This not only speeds up the process but also resolves the issue where clients are uncertain what documents are necessary.

Regall also serves as a dynamic checklist that prompts for the common documents that are necessary in each particular transaction. Coupled with its file-management services it is able to discover documents that may have a material impact on the deal hidden in the server. 

Regall is not only helpful for the practice of commercial law but also for litigation. Regall is helpful in the preparation of discovery documents as well as sorting through the documents that the opposing counsel has provided. This is especially helpful to level the playing field for smaller firms such that they do not get drowned in discoveries.  

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