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  • Keep It Simple

    When it comes to design we are often enthralled with make it flashy, bright and bold. But is nothing else, let the history of the internet be our guide. For those of us fortunate(or cursed) enough to be around in the era of the dotcom boom, we still recall the flashing pages, popup ads and in your face typography. Search engines for example such as Yahoo and MSN that offered a myriad of services including search. Going to one of these search platforms meant, for better or worse, having to see emails, stockmarket updates, daily news etc. But for those of us using it as a gateway to find what you needed these things were a distraction. 20 years later is it any surprise that the top search site in the world keeps their interface clear. Google makes it simple with only a single search bar on their home page. That is not to say that the other search sites got it wrong. However, their site shows us that search was but one of their functions. For consumers looking for only search functionality, a simple clean interface that gets the user from A to B in as quickly and with as few distractions as possible meant a site just for search. Lesson learnt: If your primary value proposition is raver clear, make sure your users aren't confused. Keep your user experience sweet and simple to ensure it ties in with what you deliver.

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  • Contact Us | regall

    Contact Us Address Regall Private Limited #24-07, Shaw Towers Singapore 189702 ​ Email info@regall.tech ​ Contact number +65 81386322 CONTACT US Drop us an email and let's make good, great. SEND Success! Message received.

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    ​Making Good, Great We are a legal design and development firm that provides a deep understanding of the inner workings of the legal system to clients. Our mission is to assist clients in building web and mobile applications as well as redesign legal services and processes. PAST PROJECTS Project Legis-Map ​ ​ One of the first few projects we undertook was a interactive map displaying the relationship between legislation and subsidiary legislation. Users could see and access quickly all related legislation in a single interactive legislation map. No more clicking through hyperlinks 10 times before finding all the statutes you need. Find out about our other projects OUR SERVICES Product Strategy & Vision Consulting Every great product starts with an idea of where you want to build towards. Inform that direction with in-depth research and feedback from users about what they want. Read More Design Thinking Workshops ​ Arm your in-house team with design thinkings methods and processes. Reinvent and renew your product alongside your users Read More Research, Design & Build ​ ​ Know change is needed but no idea where to begin? We work alongside you to craft a blueprint for how value is best delivered. Read More CONTACT US Drop us an email and let's make good, great. SEND Success! Message received. Regall Private Limited All Rights Reserved

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    Marc Chia Director "Hearing your users is easy, listening and turning that into measurable and actionable steps is where we add value." Rodney Yap Director "People ignore designs that ignore people. We make sure people lie at the heart of everything we do." Shafiq Yussaini Chief UX Engineer "Never forget that we build solutions for people, making it easy to use is where the true magic lies." Our Team We're hiring! If you would like a career in crafting experiences that change the way people work and play this is the place for you. Whether you are a front-end developer or back-end developer, graphic designer or user experience engineer we believe that those with the right attitude and a commitment to building for people are the team mates we are looking for. ​ To start a conversation about working here, drop an email to marc@regall.tech.

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